Best Methods on How to Get Whipworms Out of Yard

Many people have a pet they love, either dog, cat, or fox. However, you should play and have fun with them and be responsible for their health. Whipworms can be a significant threat to your pets’ safety.

This article will uncover what whipworms are and how to get whipworms out of yard.

What is a Whipworm?

Whipworm is a parasitic worm inhabiting the pets’ intestinal tract, including dogs, cats, and coyotes. It can cause a whipworm infection or trichuriasis when pets or even humans contact contaminated feces.

how to get whipworms out of yard

Even though it is important to get whipworms out of the yard, but can whipworms live in your house, actually? The answer depends on whether you have a thick layer of soil and gravel in your house, in which whipworms live.

How to Get Whipworms out of Yard

There are several ways to keep your yard safe from the whipworms.

Soil Replacement

Get the six-inch surface of soil removed with a shovel, especially in the areas where the pet roaming in your yard. After that, replace the soil with new clean soil and grass.

Disinfect Paved Surfaces

The whipworms generally inhabit the topsoil in the yard, but they probably crawl to the deck or patio. Thus, spray the paved surfaces on your yard using bleach to eliminate the harmful whipworms.

Use a Lime

Apply this natural chemical that is effective in killing the whipworms as well as their eggs. Moreover, lemon does not harm your pet. You can use a lawn spreader to distribute the lime and let it dry for around two weeks.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

This food-grade product can help you repel parasites, including whipworms. You can feed this to your dog by sprinkling the powder on its food or using a capsule form. Or dusting it to your pet’s skin to eliminate the external parasites.

Pick Up Your Pet Poop as Soon as Possible

The longer you leave your pet’s droppings, the faster it attracts whipworms. Thus, clean up their waste quickly after it happens. Get lawn maintenance regularly to prevent a whipworm case.

Build Fence

You may have applied those tricks above, but the neighboring dogs can enter your lawn and leave their waste on your grass. To avoid this issue, fence your yard so that other pets cannot easily enter your yard.

Sprinkle a Layer of Gravel

This solution can tackle your problem permanently as you put a layer on top of the whipworm’s habitat, the soil. This sounds extreme, but you may consider it for the sake of your pet’s safety.

The homeowners who do not own dogs or other kinds of pets may overlook whipworms in their yard. Yet, if you have lovely pets, understand how to get whipworms out of yard to keep your pets healthy and safe.

Do you think your pet has whipworms? Immediately contact the veterinarian for further diagnosis and treatment.