[Fixed] How to Reset Samsung Washer and Solve Error Code Problems

The methods on how to reset the Samsung washer are sought by many people who own the washing machine. Indeed, even though Samsung is an advanced brand for home appliances, sometimes errors happen to their products, including the washing machine.

When your Samsung washer at home is displaying error codes and restarting the machine is a must, these are the ways to do that.

If you accidentally select the wrong program or if the machine stops responding and cannot run the program, it can be helpful to reset the washing machine’s program. In fact, this operation is not tricky. In addition, in most cases for this you will have to perform the same general procedure, which is suitable for almost all brands of washing machines.

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How to Reset Samsung Washer Top Load

When your washer is the one with top load, usually the error codes that will appear on the machine are including the LE and dc. The LE error code indicates that the water level in the washing machine is not properly reached.

How to Reset Samsung Washer Top Load

The dc error code indicates something wrong with the load that makes the machine won’t spin. Here are the methods to resolve and restart the machine.

1. Check the Water Supply Valves

The first thing you have to do in this how-to reset the Samsung washer method is to check the water supply valves. This step is important to ensure that the source of the LE error code won’t happen anymore. Ensure that the water supply valves are fully and properly opened so that the water level can be reached properly by the machine.

If your old washing machine took a long time to fill up with water and your new washing machine is now doing the same, there is most likely a problem with the water supply (hoses, taps, valves, filters) coming off the wall.

2. Check the Position of the Load

After that, you need to change the position of the load. This step must be done so that the source of the dc error code is solved. Make sure that the load is being fed to the machine evenly. When you are done, you can move to the next step, which is the restarting step.

3. Restart the Machine

To restart the machine, you need to turn the power switch off and back on again after several minutes. Then, restore the power of the washer and press the power button. Now, your washer can be used normally again.

How to Reset Samsung Washer Front Load

Just like the top load washer, you can also restart the front load Samsung washer. The error codes that usually appear on this kind of washer are dS, FL, and nd. dS code indicates that the door on the front was opened when the machine is running.

How to Reset Samsung Washer Front Load

FL is the code to indicate that the washing machine cannot lock the door properly. The code and shows that the washer is failed to drain water properly. To get rid of those error codes and restart the washer, here are the steps:

1. Check the Washer Door

In this how-to reset Samsung washer method, you have to check the washer door first. It is done to make sure that the error code dS and FL won’t happen anymore. Make sure that the door is fully locked and properly clicked.

2. Check the Drain Hose

To reset the Samsung washer and code or indicate errors in the water drainage, you need to check on the drain hose first. Make sure that the hose is not clogged or kinked. If anything blocks the hose, take it off and remove the thing clogging the hose.

3. Restart the Machine

Now restart the machine. The method is the same as the one for the top load washer explained previously.

Those are some of the best ways to restart your Samsung washer. By doing so, you can basically resolve the problem without having to contact a technician.

Ensure you understand the basic problem of the washing machine or the error codes that appear on display. Therefore, you will no longer get confused about resetting the Samsung washer as you know exactly what to do.

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