How to Fix Issues of Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On

If your garbage disposal doesn’t turn on, consider trying these tutorials below to fix it before calling the technician. The majority of the time, the cause of the issues is capability overestimation.

If you don’t know, a garburator or garbage disposal is a great tool to help you dispose of food waste or leftovers. They typically have long durability, but it doesn’t mean they are not prone to issues like any other device.

Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn on No Sound.

Do you find your garbage disposal won’t turn on, and there is no audible humming sound of its motor? If the answer is yes, there are probably some electrical problems inside.

How to Fix Garbage Disposal Wont Turn On

Follow these steps to get it back on track:

  1. Check if the unit is plugged in when the garbage disposal won’t turn on. The report data shows that the most common problem source picked up by the customer service is a failure in plugging the appliance.
  2. If the unit is already plugged in, reach from the bottom part and press the reset button. It is a red button with the function of the built-in circuit breaker.
  3. If the button is slightly tumbled, it might be popped out a little bit. Push it back to reset your garburator.
  4. If the step using the reset button above doesn’t gain success, check if the circuit breaker is tumbled by checking the main service panel. If you find so, reset the lever of the circuit breaker.
  5. If both solutions above do not work, there is the possibility of a wiring problem of the garburator’s switch control or the error of the unit itself.
  6. Find the switch control of your unit. It might be placed under the sink or on the wall.
  7. Turn off the circuit breaker of the disposal circuit at the main service panel.
  8. Detach the unit’s switch control. Check the wire connection because the cause of this issue may be a loose connection. If so, all you have to do is securing the wire connections.  
  9. If you have tightened the wire connections, but the problem persists, try to replace the switch.
  10. Turn on your disposal unit.

If there is still no audible sound and your garbage disposal won’t turn on, it means you need to replace the unit because it is beyond repair.

Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn on Just Hums.

Another type of issue has your garbage disposal won’t turn off or on, but there is a sound if it is flipped on. The inner flywheel might be jammed inside, causing the circuit breaker to trip or reset the button to pop.

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Garbage Disposal Wont Turn on Just Hums

Read how to fix this issue in the following guide:

  1. Turn the unit off by shutting the circuit breaker at the main service panel. Turn off the wall switch as well.
  2. Take the unit’s offset wrench to get into the flywheel at the bottom part of the garburator. If you don’t have those, you can use any wrench sold at the hardware store.
  3. Once the wrench reaches the flywheel, turn it clockwise to dislodge it. The flywheel will turn freely if it has dislodged.
  4. You may use a wooden spoon handle or a similar object to reach the disposal unit’s flywheel by the drain opening.
  5. Check the unit by using a flashlight. If you find the common culprits such as food waste or dinnerware pieces, remove them from the appliance.
  6. Press the reset button in red color on the bottom part of the unit.
  7. Run water into the unit and flip the switch quickly on and off to spin the flywheel and wash down the debris into the drain.

Garbage Disposal Turning on but Not Working

Due to how common issues related to a garburator is, it is easy to find similar garbage disposal problems and solutions to yours. The tutorial below will show you how to fix a disposal unit that’s not working even though it is already turned on or if the garbage disposal won’t turn on.

  1. Check the switch to ensure that the garbage disposal unit is already in the “OFF” position.
  2. Press the reset red button of the disposal unit, located at the bottom part. If the button is retracted or does not stay in, wait around five to ten minutes and try to press the reset button function again.
  3. Turn off your water to wash through the unit. Turn the switch of your garbage disposal unit to the “ON” position.
  4. Check if the disposal is working normally now.
  5. If the reset button of your garbage disposal unit is still retracted, or you have reset the unit repeatedly but still have not achieved the desired result, there is the possibility that your unit needs service from a professional technician.

If you have done all of the tutorials above, but still your garbage disposal won’t turn on, the motor’s inner part might be already damaged. Pay a visit to your local technician to find out the best solution for your unit.

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