How Long Does Garbage Disposal Last and How to Prolong Its Service Life

How long does garbage disposal last actually? Generally, the unit is built to be strong and has long durability. Like all the equipment and appliances in your home, it will eventually not work as efficiently as the first time you used it.

Having a garbage disposal is a practical way to keep your kitchen sink free of debris, clogs, and odors. If you currently own one right now, it is probably hard to go back and imagine cleaning the food prep and waster without it.

To find out how long does garbage disposal usually lasts, read further below.

How Long Does Garbage Disposal Last

In general, garbage disposal or garburator should be able to serve you a good number of years before the motor that powered it will burn out, or the unit’s blades will wear down.

How long does garbage disposal depend on the unit type you installed? But on average, it should last anywhere between 8 to 15 years.

How Long Does Garbage Disposal Last

Modern disposal units are typically more long-lasting than the older models. It also depends on how frequently and how properly you use the unit.

Now to get your unit on the longer usage side on how long does garbage disposal lasts, it is important to use it properly. What does use it properly mean? You must have known that certain things should never be disposed of inside the device.

It is meant to process biodegradable ingredients and food only. Things like plastic, metal, or bones should never put on there. Certain foods ideally should not be processed in the unit, such as:

  1. Food that can solidify in the drain, such as grease and oil because they can cause clogs
  2. Food that can expand when it is wet such as pasta or rice
  3. Vegetables with stringy texture because it may cause clogs and get caught on its blade
  4. Hard food like fruit pits can harm the blade.

In case you need a guide on making your unit last longer and reach maximum service life now that you know ‘how long should garbage disposal last’, here are three ways to maintain it:

  1. Daily maintenance: using the garburator unit regularly, especially if you use soapy water, can help to reduce debris buildup and rinse the unit while it operates.
  2. Weekly maintenance: fill the kitchen sink with cold and clean water about once a week. Pull the drain plug and let water flow through the disposal unit once the sink is full. The flowing water is used to clear unwanted and lingering materials from the device.
  3. Monthly maintenance: there are three steps process you can do to do disposal monthly maintenance, which are:
    • Pour a tray of ice cubes and let the disposal unit crush those. Once they are turned into an almost fluid-like mixture, pour and rinse with clean cold water so the ice currently on the drain line can melt away.
    • Check if your unit has a drain baffle. If so, remove then cleanse it thoroughly. Please put it back after you’re done with the cleaning.
    • Mix a cup of vinegar and half a cup baking soda. Pour the mixture into the grinding chamber and let it foam before you boil down a pot of water. Pour the hot water down the drain.

Regardless of how long does garbage disposal lasts, you may run into some problems during unit usage. It is important to know when to replace a garbage disposal.

If you experienced any of the issues below, you might need to do unit replacement soon:

  1. It runs slowly
  2. It is leaking
  3. It is jammed or clogged heavily.
  4. It makes loud operating or humming noises.
  5. It doesn’t make noise at all.
  6. It won’t run at all

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If you plan to remove your unit and buy a new one, do not hesitate to ask how long your garbage disposal lasts before you decide to purchase it. Installing a new unit is generally quite simple to process.

The explanation of how long does garbage disposal lasts, and the signs of unfixable issues above will hopefully help you decide if your unit is still worth keeping. The maintenance guide is also useful to make your garbage disposal works longer optimally.

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