How to Change White Rodgers Thermostat Battery

The White Rodgers thermostat battery is one of the main components that allow the tool to work properly. Without the battery, the thermostat won’t have any power source to work.

That is why the battery needs proper attention. Here is the full information about the battery change and maintenance for those who have no idea about the battery change.

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White Rodgers Thermostat Battery

All You Need to Know About White Rodgers Thermostat Battery

Basically, what you need to know about the White Rodgers thermostat battery is including the time to change the battery and how to do that.

Down below, there will be complete information about how to tell the right time to replace or change the battery and how to easily change the battery without having to call a professional technician.

When to Change the Battery?

White Rodgers thermostat battery change has to be done at the right time. This is why you need to know when to change the battery. When the battery is full and indicates that the thermostat is ready to use, four bars will be on display.

When the battery display is less than four bars, it indicates that the battery has to be replaced. Do not try to turn the thermostat off and turn it back on hoping the battery gets full again on its own because it won’t work that way.

How to Change the Battery?

It is now to figure out how to change the battery in the White Rodgers thermostat with ease. Follow these instructions right here. The first thing to do here is to prepare the fresh battery.

Then turn the thermostat off and remove it from the wall or from wherever you place it in the house. After that, you need to flip the thermostat to access the battery panel.

White Rodgers Thermostat Battery replacement

Open the battery panel and carefully remove the old battery. Wrap the old battery with a paper sack before discarding it in the bin. Now, insert the new, fresh battery into the battery panel until a snapping or clicking sound is heard.

Then, close the battery panel and turn the thermostat back on. The display now should have four strips or bars of battery. The last thing to do is to put the thermostat back on the wall or its place.

White Rodgers Battery Tips

The most important tips here are to make sure that the battery is the original one from White Rodgers. Please do NOT use any bootleg battery that you can buy at a cheaper price as it will damage the tool rather than keeping it works functionally.

All you need to do is buying the real, original battery from the White Rodgers official or order it online.

Those are the much-needed explanations about the battery. You won’t need anything else to figure out about the battery because those tips cover everything. All you need to do is reading them properly, and then you will find everything you need to know about the White Rodgers thermostat battery, and you can change them easily anytime you need.

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