How to Clean Frosted Glass in Light Fixtures, Shower Doors, and Vases

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There are lots of things that frosted glass can add for your home design: stylishness, privacy, and benefit of low maintenance. If ever you find your glass get smudges by fingerprints or yellow stains from hard water, try to use tutorials on how to clean frosted glass below.

You may practice them regularly in order to prevent stubborn taints on your pretty glass appliances.

How to Clean Frosted Glass

How to Clean Frosted Glass Light Fixtures

Dirt and dust build dirty film over your glass light fixtures overtimes. It may affect their ability and ambience to exude light. Follow the steps below to make them shine again:

  1. Remove the light fixtures from their stand then take the light bulb off.
  1. Prepare a bucket filled with hot water then pop eight denture cleansing tablets like Efferdent or Polident into the bucket. Let the glass light fixtures sit on the mixture for about half an hour.
  1. Rinse the glass light fixtures and discard the cleansing water.
  1. Refill the bucket with bleach and hot water in 1:2 ratios. Let the glass light fixtures sit on it again for another half an hour. Bleach makes them shine and remove lingering dirt and dust.
  1. Rinse the fixtures. If you find it still dirty, try to rinse a few times again.

How to Clean Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors usually have build-up that comprised of fingerprint, grease stains, or white stains from accumulating calcium and lime. Here is the way on how to clean frosted glass shower doors:

  1. Use ammonia-based cleaner such as Windex – they usually work sufficiently to complete the job. However, with more stubborn layer of build-up, you might need stronger cleaner like baking soda.
  1. Wear rubber gloves and remove the dirt away by scrubbing it with folded newspaper or paper towels.
  1. Work in divided sections to avoid your cleaning solutions dropping all over the place.
  1. For tougher stains, use baking soda by mixing a tablespoon of it with several cups of water. Let it sit on the spots for a minute then scrub it away with newspaper or paper towels.
  1. Complete the process with the last round of cleaning. Wipe the frosted glass lightly with ammonia-based cleaner to get rid of all the streaks.

How to Clean Frosted Glass Vase

Read the steps below to clean cloudy frosted glass vase so it can last for more years:

  1. Mix an adequate amount of vinegar and half a tablespoon of salt in a small container to form a paste.
  1. Spread the paste on any gunk, lines, or rings by using toothbrush or bottle brush. Do it on both the sides of your glass vase.
  1. Let the cleaning paste sit for ten to fifteen minutes long.
  1. Rinse the frosted glass vase from paste by using lukewarm distilled water, as regular tap water contains mineral that may leave hard water stains.
  1. Dry the vase by using microfiber cloth and rub out any remaining streaks.

Frosted glass is an expensive material – but it has advantage of low and easy maintenance. By using the guides on how to clean frosted glass above, you’d be able to make them spotless and shining.