How to Fix Air Conditioner Keeps Running when Turned Off

When your air conditioner keeps running when turned off, several possible reasons may cause it. Below, you will read about the components you need to check when the unit is not working correctly, their functions, and how to fix it.

Window Air Conditioner Keeps Running when Turned Off

air conditioner keeps running when turned off

Air conditioner units sometimes remain to run momentarily after you shut it off, and it’s a regular occurrence. However, if you notice that it still runs even after ten minutes, there might be something wrong with it.

The situation of air conditioner keeps running when turned off is often referred as Zombie AC

because they just aren’t willing die no matter how you’re trying to turn it off. The severity of these cases varies between one another, sometimes the unit needs 15-20 minutes before switching itself down.

Now, several causes may turn your AC unit into a zombie one. Read about three possible technical reasons by the unit’s components in the following, to find the root of its problem:

PCB Assembly Control Board

As implied by the name, this component serves as the control center of your AC unit. It works by receiving, collecting, and relaying data from other members.

If the AC’s compressor and fan are constantly running even after the ideal room temperature is reached, the problem most likely lies in the PCB. The only possible option, if this component is broken, is to replace it.

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Temperature Control

Also commonly referred to as a thermostat, it is a small device that detects the room temperature and transfers the information to the Control Board. It is primarily used for the automatic function of your AC unit. A stuck rotary dial might also be because of the problem for a team equipped with this feature.

Air Conditioner Keeps Running thermostat

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Temperature sensor

You might know the temperature sensor by its other name: thermistor. It is a component that functions together with temperature control to sense temperature in the room. It typically comes in the shape of a small bulb. You might want to check if the temperature sensor is currently disconnected or broken.

In case you have checked these three components, and they work well. Still, the air conditioner’s problem keeps running when turned off persists; you have to contact a professional electrician or air conditioning specialist near you.

Air Conditioner Compressor Won’t Turn Off

If you notice that your AC unit is still operating even when you have shut down the thermostat, the stuck compressor’s most likely reason for this issue. It is placed on the outer side.

To put it simply, the air conditioner unit will send a 24V current to the compressor when the thermostat turns to ‘cool’ if the external team is working well.

Air Conditioner Compressor Won't Turn Off

The sent current causes contactor to close, then power the condenser motor and compressor. The voltage won’t power the contactor if the thermostat is shut down. Thus it won’t be able to power the condenser motor and compressor.

There is an electric arc when the contactor is closed – and it’s normal. However, the contractor is heated up and may create contacts when shut closed or adhered together.

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The contractor will disconnect when it cannot work as it supposed to be, then the power will be interrupted, causing the compressor and condenser to run still even though you have shut down the thermostat.

You will need an HVAC technician to solve the air conditioner’s problem running when turned off. You may tap the contactor and unstick it, but it is certainly not the best solution for the long term and might need replacement instead.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off In House

The control board, temperature control, and temperature sensor are the most accessible components to check when your window air conditioner fan keeps running when turned off but not cold when off. You may examine by yourself or contact neared HVAC experts to solve the matter.

That being said, the air conditioner keeps running when turned off situation sometimes is perfectly normal, for instance, when the temperature within your house fluctuates a lot. Still, it is worth checking those components to see if they operate correctly or in dire need of replacement.

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