How to Install Recessed Lighting Between Floors

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Many homeowners are surely asking how to install recessed lighting between floors. Recessed light is a kind of accessory light you want to use on the ceiling or on the floor.

It does not have that many functions as actual lighting fixtures but more on the aesthetic side. It gives a beautiful pattern of illuminated lights all across the floor or ceiling.

How to Install Recessed Lighting between Floors

So, is it possible to install those light fixtures on your own? Generally, it is possible when you do have some basic skills on home renovating and maintenance.

How to Install Recessed Lighting Between Floors

However, if you do not, simply leave the job to a professional as it requires wiring and layouting process, too. The steps on how to install recessed lighting between floors are explained here:

1. Prepare the Layout

The first thing you have to do is preparing the layout. Of course, it will be different to install those lights on the first floor or second floor. How to install recessed lighting on first floor? Generally it will be done right when the floor is constructed as it is like the base of the room. However, on the second floor, usually the layout can be even more flexible.

2. Start the Wiring Plan

Those lightings will need some electricity to activated, of course. This is why after the layout is finished, the next thing to do is starting the wiring plan. Make sure each and every one of those lights will get connected by single wiring system so that when the switch is clicked, the entire floor will light up.

3. Cutting the Lighting Holes

The next thing to do is to cutting the lighting holes. You need to literally make holes, on pupose, on the floor. It is like cutting the holes for the lamp on the ceiling. How to install recessed lighting in finished ceiling? It is just like this but you need more skills as you have to do it from extra height.

4. Install the Lighting Wires

Once the holes are ready on the floor, insert the wiring system. They should be connected, and all of them can deliver the electricity current. It won’t be that nice to have one light on and one light off. It should all be on when the switched is clicked.

5. Add the Lighting Fixtures

Last but not least, add the lighting fixtures or the light bulbs along with the socket and the socket ring. Make sure they are installed properly, and try to light them on once they are installed. The floor should be well-illuminated by now.

The process may seem really simple. However, as it deals with numerous fixtures as well as wiring and electricity, make sure you have the skill to do it on your own.

Do not let the recessed lighting ruins the entire floor and get you problem. This is the reason not to ignore those steps on how to install recessed lighting between floors up there.