Easy Guide on How to Reset a Garbage Disposal

You can use these guides to reset garbage disposal before you feel the need to call a professional technician. As we know, the garbage disposal unit is operating under the sink over the rotating blades powered by a motor to grind up food waste and other food particles. However, it can get clogged or jammed easily it is used too often.

Since it is considered one of the most heavily used items, it is important to maintain and take care of it properly. If you run into some problems, know that most of them can be easily fixed by resetting the unit system.

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Sure, it is important to determine what you can or when to call a professional technician. If the problem is enough to handle on your own, here is how to reset garbage disposal correctly.    

Garbage Disposal Reset Button Stuck

To reset your garbage disposal, you need to use the reset button in the unit’s bottom part. What if the garbage disposal reset button keeps popping out, though?

Garbage Disposal Reset Button Stuck

Follow this guide below to fix it:

  1. Remove the unit’s cable under the sink in the electric panel to cut all the power.
  2. Put the tail part of the Allen wrench and rotate it from left to right. Make sure that that you stick it to the underside part of the unit to clear it.
  3. Put the device’s arm on top of the sick through the drainage system of the unit. Turn the slicing pane to expel the clog, which is located at the underside part.
  4. Insert the cable to the power panel under the sink, then run the water through the unit to flush it.
  5. Hit the power or ready button to check if it can function correctly yet. If it’s not, try again in five to ten minutes.

How to Reset Garbage Disposal with Allen Wrench

The good part about the garbage disposal problem is that almost anyone can fix it, no matter their skill. You do not need a special tool to get the device working back.

Most units will be equipped with an Allen wrench when you bought them, which is the only tool you should use if your garbage disposal stopped working.

Reset Garbage Disposal with Allen Wrench

Before you read the guides of how to reset garbage disposal, first prepare yourself with the Allen wrench designed specifically for your unit’s mode. After that, check the bottom part of the unit to see the breaker socket. Only then you will be able to follow these steps below:

  1. Set the wrench on the bolt’s head.
  2. Turn the bold steadily and firmly back and forth to rotate the grinding plate manually.
  3. Prepare a pair of tongs. Pull out the dirt and debris from the pit of garbage disposal.
  4. Please give it a test by turning the power of the unit on. If there are still audible hums or it hasn’t worked correctly, repeat the process.
  5. Once it is done successfully, pour hot water down the unit to clean it.

You have to remember that this tutorial on reset garbage disposal using Allen wrench if the unit doesn’t have the bold at the bottom part of it.

How to Reset Garbage Disposal Humming

When you notice that there is humming from your garbage disposal unit, there might be some problem caused by blades failure to rotate due to food, silverware, or other types of objects that get stuck inside. Turn the device right away when you hear this humming sound.

Trying to force the unit to run could cause further damage or even cause the motor to be burnt out. Here are the steps on how to reset garbage disposal and fix it if there are some sounds:

  1. Turn the garbage disposal unit off if you haven’t already.
  2. Inspect the drain hole carefully
  3. Remove the object that is causing the jamming sound.
  4. Plug the unit back
  5. Turn the power on and reach for the reset button at the bottom part.
  6. See if it works properly.

Simply observing the drain hole after unplugging the disposal unit is the best method on how to reset garbage disposal you can do by yourself. This should be able to clear up the majority of common problems.

After it gets fixed, make sure to never let fibrous food, bones, rubble, glass, eggshell, coffee grounds, or metal into the garburator unit.

It is also important not to overfill and use it too heavily. Just use cold water when using it is miles better than using chemical drain cleaners. Try to use ice cubes and lemon peel down the system if there is some unbearable stink on the sink.

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