Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build a Shed? Here’s Some Tips to Help You Decide

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Having a shed is a great solution if you ever face a storage problem. However, if you do put budget as a crucial consideration, you might have wondered is it cheaper to buy or build a shed? 

Many people find it a lot more affordable to build it on their own, not to mention they can get it to suit perfectly with their personal needs and preferences.

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build a Shed?

So to be fair, is it cheaper to buy a shed or build one? Building on is definitely a cheaper option than another, with all other extra considerations such as installation or transportation fees. You are able to create a tailored budget for this particular project and stick on it.

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Build a Shed

However, the answer of is it cheaper to buy or build a shed will not be as simple anymore if you put other factor such as time into your account. For a lot of people, time is a valuable and irreplaceable asset.

Building the shed may not be an ideal answer if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on one project – as you need to plan, design, choose material, and assemble it all on your own.

Cheapest Way to Build a Shed

Here are seven helpful techniques and tips on how to build a shed from scratch if you have decided to do it yourself:

Obtain permission to build

Prior to building anything on top of your property, it is necessary to apply building permit from the local building department. Shed is no exception. Once all the necessary approvals are required, follow along the rest of process as instructed until an inspector will review and approve your project.

Placing the shed

Locating the shed means to identify the ideal spot on your property where it exactly will stand. It might seem such a simple task to do, and it just simply true depending on your yard circumstances. Picking a wrong spot, however, might make you ended up with unusable and short-lived outbuilding.

Prepare your tools

Regardless of the shed’s size, you will need a set of carpentry power tools and hand tools. For power tools, impact driver and cordless drill are definitely required to drive screws and drill holes. Meanwhile for hand tools, you will require plain carpentry tools such as hammer, framing square, tape measure, etc.

Begin with sturdy foundation

You just cannot expect a shed to last long if it is installed on weak base. Majority of sheds will be supported decently by on-grade foundation, which comprised of pressured wood timbers or solid concrete blocks that set on ground directly.

Construct weather-proof floor frame

Floor frame is the closest part to the ground, so it can be prone to bugs and rots. Select the shed’s floor frame that includes perimeter band joints, floor joists, and mudsill.

Make the roof framing simple

Roof is the most challenging part of the shed building for most DIYers. It requires you to do repetitive angled cuts with accuracy and precision. To make it simple, you may want to assemble ceiling joists and rafters into the trusses, then raise and set it on over the walls.

Understand the significance of door placement and type

Hinged and sliding doors are the two most common types of door used on storage sheds. Hinged door is more space friendly, provide security and tightness. Meanwhile, sliding door can glide easily and easier to install.

The answer of is it cheaper to buy or build a shed might be more complex when more variables other than cost is measured. Comparing your options between the two in details will lead you to best course to take over this matter.