How to Run Samsung Washer Diagnostic Mode

If you see flashing letters or number in your Samsung washer, it means there is something goes wrong with your washer. But what kind of problem?

It might be some trivial issues that everyone can fix or severe enough that a technician should be called. To find out the problem, it is crucial to run a Samsung washer diagnostic mode.

Samsung Washer Diagnostic Mode

Before looking for the problem that might occur with the Samsung washer, always plug off the power source to the machine. Also, remember to turn off the water. But to run Samsung washer diagnostic code, the water and power source should be hooking up to the unit.

Samsung Washer Diagnostic Mode

It is highly recommended to always run the Samsung washer diagnostic mode before and after the washing machine has been installed or moved to a new place. It only takes three to five minutes to run the diagnostic mode.

Running a diagnostic code can also be used to detect issues that your Samsung washing machine might have. Usually, there will be numbers or letters flashing in the display, indicating that the device has a problem.

Some customers might have no idea about the meaning of those flashing error codes, much less how to fix the Samsung washing machine. But, several issues actually do not require a professional technician and can fix by yourself.

The first way to examine the problem is by running a Samsung washer diagnostic mode. This process does not need any equipment. But Samsung has two types of washing machines that might require a different running diagnostic code: Samsung top load and front load.

Samsung Top Load Washer Diagnostic Mode

If your Samsung top load washer is not working properly or there are error codes on display, there is a way to troubleshoot the device, such as entering a Samsung washer diagnostic mode. There is no equipment required to conduct this diagnostic mode.

Diagnostic mode is done to access the original diagnostic codes (service technicians reference codes). To enter diagnostic mode, follow the tutorials below:

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Continuously press the END/DELAY key until the number 17 appears on the screen.
  3. Press and hold the START key for about 7 up to 10 seconds.
  4. If AS codes on the screen show that the Samsung top load washer is in diagnostic mode.

Samsung Front Load Washer Diagnostic Mode

Error codes in the Samsung washing machine are something inevitable. In some cases, putting the device into diagnostic mode is a must thing to do. By using this mode, you will know what kind of error codes have occurred.

Besides, it does not require any equipment at all. But, the device should be hooking up to the power source.

Below are the tutorials to enter diagnostic mode on the Samsung front load washer:

  1. Press the SIGNAL and the EXTRA RINSE buttons altogether.
  2. Press the SPIN key until the letter D appears on the screen panel.
  3. Switch the dial from left to right or vice versa. After a second, the display panel will show the recently occurred error codes.

Every Samsung washing machine actually always comes with a guidebook. This book’s presence is vital to show what to do if there is something wrong with the device, such as flashing numbers or letters, the device is not starting, not able to drain the water, etc.

However, such problems are too complicated, and some people prefer calling a technician rather than fixing it by themselves. However, what if it’s just a simple problem?

To find out the issue, try to enter the Samsung washer diagnostic mode first by following the tutorials above before deciding the next step that needs to be done.

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