Samsung Washer ND Code Troubleshooting for the Owner

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The Samsung washer ND code is something that you will frequently encounter. This error code happens so many time on the washer, whether it is the front-load washer or the top-load one. Here is full information for you.

Samsung Washer ND Code

When you have Samsung washing machine, make sure you know the Samsung washer ND code troubleshooting and everything else about it. The information below is going to tell you exactly what the error code means.

Samsung Washer ND Code

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The Error Code Means

The code stands for NOT DRAINING. It indicates that the water inside the washing machine won’t be able to get out because there is something blocking inside the house. It is not a serious code but you should fix it immediately to continue using the washer.

The Cause of the Error

The cause of the Samsung washer error codes with ND on it is mostly because the hose is clogged. Clogging means it is impossible for the water to get through the hose and out. When this clogging happens, you should fix the problem immediately.

Samsung Front Load Washer ND Code

The front-load washer is more vulnerable to the not draining error. How to avoid the problem from happening and avoid having Samsung washer ND code displayed on the washer? The answer is down below.

Place the Laundry Carefully

To make sure that clogging is not going to happen again, you need to place the laundry carefully on the drum. Make sure you do not throw the laundry and you place them one by one in there instead.

Check for Small Items

Small items may cause clogging the most. They are like coins, buttons, lockets and many more. This is why when you load the drum, check for any of these items. Make sure the clothes do not have loose buttons as well.

Avoid Overloading the Drum

When the drum is overloading, it will be hard for it to spin and it will be impossible for the water to get out. Hence, do not fill the drum to the fullest. Leave a gap for around 1/3 from the top.

Samsung Washer ND Code Fix

There are several steps you can take to make sure the issue is fixed, and Samsung washer ND code will not bother you anymore. Read them carefully on the step-by-step below.

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Turn off the Machine

When Samsung front load washer will not drain, you need to turn the machine off. Turn the machine and completely get rid of the electrical connection.

Remove the Hose

As the main cause of the error code is clogging, you need to remove the hose and then check for the clogging cause. It can be coins or dirt or debris. Make sure you locate them and then remove them as fast as you can.

Re-attach the Hose

Now, re-attach the hose and try to start the washing machine all over again. The ND code should disappear now and the water flows easily.

Now your problem is fixed. The washer can be used properly now, and the water will be drained easily. When Samsung washer ND code appears again, you know exactly what to do now.