Standard Shower Head Heights for Safety and Proper Installation

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You may have new bathroom, and want to install a shower head. For such purpose, it is better to know standard shower head heights. When taking a bath, you surely want to be comfortable.

The water and position should be in right height. For hotel and resorts, the shower head height can be adjusted to any guests, including the tallest one.

Standard Shower Head Heights

The next list shows some aspects you should consider when installing new shower head. Some of them are necessary to put on the top list. The height, design, and installation processes are related to each other.

Standard Shower Head Heights

1. Standard height

You can install standard shower head heights with the range between 200 cm and 210 cm. This is the most convenient way for most of people. As you know, considering the average height is necessary, so this measurement can fulfill the purpose.

The position does not make any hassle when taking shower. On the other hand, you can also consider the height at least 180 cm.

2. Regulation

The regulation only applies when installing the shower height on public, commercial, and business buildings. For example, the hotel will use this regulation to ensure the hand shower height from floor can fit most of guests.

There is always exception, such as a person with the height more than 200 cm. In that case, the hotel will find a solution.

You may use the regulation as standard before renovating the shower room and bathroom. With this standard, you know what to expect when installing the shower head.

3. Type of Shower Head

The type of shower head has significant influence when discussing the height that must be installed. You will find some options, such as wall mounted, handheld, and rain.

You can add the showerhead directly on the wall. It is fixed installation if you know people who will use a shower room. The chance for replacing is low, unless you buy the new one. Meanwhile, handheld mode is much recommended.

You can reach it, and adjust the head direct. In addition, the rain showerhead is similar to wall mounted, but the position is direct vertical above your head. With the right type, you can implement shower head height regulations.

4. Shower Arm

If you want something flexible, the solution is by using shower arm. It is the holder that keeps a showerhead. You can choose the adjusted mode that can be extended based on certain height.

Some products contain the slide bar for handheld shower mode. Both are the right options when you need more flexibility. It is related to standard shower valve height.

5. Safety Installation

The last part about shower head height is safety installation. It should be in the right position, so your head is safe and secure. Moreover, you can reach it easily and adjust the water flow. The safety is necessary to consider before installing shower head in the right height. That’s why the standard is regulated.

From the above list, you know the answer when asking about standard shower head heights. It is not something you have as the fixed number. As long as the shower head is easy to use, you can install it in any position and height.