Useful Tips on How to Make Super Glue Dry Faster

The tips on making super glue dry faster are often sought when people hurry and need to glue things together quickly. Super glue is the kind of glue with a rapid drying process, and it can bond anything strongly.

Usually, it takes around 1-2 minutes for them to dry. Can you make the drying process faster? Of course, you can. The full information about it will be shown down below.

How to Make Super Glue Dry Faster

There are five simple methods on how to make super glue dry faster explained here. Some of them may work well for you.

How to Make Super Glue Dry Faster

As it is super glue, make sure you have prepared everything, including finding out the right position of the things you want to bond together because once the glue dries, there will be no turning back at all. Try these methods to make the drying process even faster.

1. Use Hairdryer

How long does super glue take to dry? Generally, it is around a couple of minutes. However, with the help of a hairdryer, it will dry within seconds. Super glue needs temperature to dry out.

Hairdryer provides them as the heat from it will dry out the superglue’s moisture and permanently dry the bond.

2. Sprinkle Baking Soda

Baking soda is an ingredient that can be used to help to dry out moisture out of something. This is why sprinkling baking soda on the super glue will definitely make the bond dries even faster.

Baking soda is also easily found in the kitchen, making it an easy, accessible ingredient people look for when asking how to make super glue stronger.

3. Increase Air Flow

Good airflow in the room can help the glue dries faster. This is why it is suggestible to improve the airflow by turning on a fan in the room. Place the fan right in front of the item you just glued together. It will surely make the whole thing dry even faster.

4. Water May Help

Does water make super glue dry faster? The question is a yes, but not an entirely yes. Pouring or sprinkling the joint with water can indeed speed up the process of drying, but sometimes it can also make the joint loose and ruin the whole thing.

5. UV Light Kit

If your super glue is completed by UV light feature, you can definitely use a UV light kit, as the one people use for their nails, to dry out the glue even faster. This only works when the glue is UV activated, however.

Now you know exactly how to dry the super glue easily and even faster. When you really have to bond things in seconds, the glue plus those tips above may help you do that.

Be careful in using the glue as it may stick or drip on your hand, and removing them from your skin is not easy to do. Think about that before trying those tips on how to make super glue dry faster above.

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