Guides on How to Reset the Trane Thermostat Properly

For those who face the problem of the trane thermostat not displaying, this step-by-step guide on resetting the Trane thermostat may help you. Why do we need to reset the thermostat?

If you have been cranking the system but still haven’t accomplished the desired result, you might want to consider resetting it.

Find out how to reset the Trane thermostat in three ways below:

How to Reset Trane Thermostat

  1. First, shut off the equipment related to your thermostat, such as your air conditioning unit. Make sure that they are all turned to the “off” mode.
  2. Find the circuit breaker box in your house. It might be located inside your basement, closets, or crawl spaces.
  3. Reset the circuit breaker by flipping the switch to the “off” position. Make sure that it’s already shut down.
  4. Wait for a half to a minute, then switch the circuit breaker back to the “on” mode.
  5. Turn your temperature device back and wait for the right temperature to set.

How to Reset Trane Xl824 Thermostat

Trane Xl824 is a WiFi-based digital thermostat that is easy to set compared to the conventional model. Here are the six simple steps on how to reset the Trane thermostat of this model unit:

  1. Choose “Menu”. Select the “Next” button by pressing it until the “Service” menu shows up on the screen. Press and hold the “Select” button until the “Installer Setting” menu is opened.
  2. After you have entered the “Installer Settings”, press “Select” so that the “Equipment Type” menu will appear. Press “Select” until “Outdoor Unit Type” shows up. Now choose the Trane Xl824 unit type that you have and then press “Select” again. The default unit type used when you reset the thermostat is usually AC (air conditioner), so switch to HP (heat pump) by using the arrows on the side of the screen. Push the Done”, then the “Next” button.
  3. Now you should enter the “Outdoor Unit Stages” menu. It is necessary to know if you have a single or two-stage outdoor unit. Modern houses usually have two-stage, but it is possible to have a single-stage installed. Choose your unit type using the arrows, then push “Select”. Once you have set it, push the “Done” and then the Next” buttons.
  4. By now, you have entered the “Indoor Unit Type” menu. The settings are usually in default by “Gas/Oil”. Skip this setting if you have a dual-fuel system’s gas furnace, as the heat pump is typically combined with an electric air handler. Press “Select” and then the “Electric” menu. Once it is completed, push the “Done” and then “Next” buttons.
  5. Check the default setting on the next several screens. The “Indoor Heat Stages” must be left at “1 Stage”, the “Indoor Blower Type” must be left as “Non-Variable, and lastly, the “Energizing Reversing Valve menu” should say “With Cool.” If these are already correct, press “Next”.
  6. Press “Done” to bring you back to the main screen. The system must have been reset to correct already.

How to Reset a Trane Programmable Thermostat

If your Trane thermostat touchscreen is not working, follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Set the thermostat battery backward, wait for a couple of seconds, then reinstall it properly.
  2. Press the reset button with a paper clip for about five seconds.
  3. If it is still not working, turn the thermostat off and opt for the circuit breaker box steps in the first set of guides above.
  4. Anytime you have an issue with the temperature, try to reset the system using the helpful tutorials on how to reset Trane thermostat above. The issue can show up in several forms, such as sudden power cutoff.

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