How Do You Fix Garbage Disposal Loose Blades?

Washing your dish, you should not feel any movement from your garbage disposal. A slight movement, or better yet no movement at all, means that your blades are held firmly against the impeller. This is normal.

What’s not normal?

It is not normal when, instead of moving side to side, your blades are moving up and down. This means that you have loose blades.

garbage disposal loose blades

Why Do Garbage Disposals Have Blades?

The blades in the garbage disposal are there to chop down scraps, bits, and pieces of food into even smaller pieces so that it can go down the pipe with water. These blades should be tight and move smoothly.

Your garbage disposal may make much noise when in use because breaking down things you threw into the sink. However, loose blades in garbage disposal have this sound like your unit is ready to fall apart at any moment. If this happens to your garbage disposal, it is time to check your blades to see any loose parts.

How to Tighten Garbage Disposal?

Many people replace their devices when their blades are starting to feel loose when in use. Instead of calling a technician, it makes more sense budget-wise to buy and install a new one after all. However, is it the only solution to the trouble?

No, it is not.

Before going to buy your new unit, you can try to fix it yourself. To do this, make sure that you have turned off the power to your garbage disposal. Then, unplug the garbage disposal since you will need to stick your hand in it. With the garbage disposal unplugged, check whether there is any object stuck under the blades. Wear safety gloves and remove any food waste on the blades. Continuous food waste clog can make the blades lose their grip on the impellers.

After your blades are clean from any stuck objects, grab the blade and lift it. Feel whether the blades are moving vertically. Any vertical movement on the blade means that it is loose, and you will need to replace the impeller plate and blades. If you have no experience in it or cannot afford to do trial and error, it is best to call a professional. However, you should know that replacing those tools and calling a professional have the same spending as installing a new unit.

Then, can garbage disposal broken blades be repaired? It can. Still, the budget will be best spent on a new unit.

Loose blades are usually caused by age or by how much it has done its job. To avoid garbage disposal loose blades too soon, you should keep your garbage disposal blades clean. Overloading it with hard materials like potato peels can be damaging, so do less of that. Last but not least, remember not to throw grease too much into it. Grease hardens when the cold comes, which then could clog your pipe.

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