How to Remove Paint from Vinyl Siding Easily

If you need tips on removing paint from vinyl siding, you have come to the right place. Vinyl siding can be painted to improve its look and give it some personality.

However, if you do not like the paint or change the shade, removing the paint will not be an easy job. How to properly remove the paint? The answer should be found here.

How to Remove Paint from Vinyl Siding

If the paint is relatively new or still wet, you can remove them using several tips below. Whether it is water-based paint or oil-based paint, you can get rid of them using these methods as long as they are still considerably wet.

This is usually what happens accidentally when you spill the wrong can of paint or something. To get rid of the problem here is how to remove paint from the vinyl siding method.

How to Remove Paint from Vinyl Siding

  1. Using Rubbing Alcohol

If the paint is still considerably wet, you can always try rubbing alcohol. Alcohol tends to help get rid of any chemical substance, including paint.

Pour some rubbing alcohol (preferably 75% and up) onto the paint and then wait for a few minutes before scrapping them using damp clothes. It will help get rid of the stain immediately.

  1. Using Liquid Wax

Liquid wax can be used to permanently remove the paint stain as well. The wet paint needs to get absorbed first. You need to scoop them out using clothes or tissue.

Then, dab the liquid wax into clothes or a piece of fabric and then used them to scrub the paint stain. The paint will get removed as soon as possible.

How to Remove Dried Paint from Vinyl

Things get even more complicated when the paint has dried out. What can you do when the paint has already dried out, and it is quite impossible to remove them?

There are several tricks to try, though. You can make sure that those dried-out paint will get removed if these methods are tried carefully. Here are the methods to remove dried paint from vinyl siding.

  1. Using Acetone

Acetone on vinyl siding is just the ultimate way to remove them. Prepare the acetone or the nail polish remover and pour them onto cotton balls. Use the soaked cotton balls to scrap the dried-out paint.

Considering that acetone is usually available in smaller containers, this method won’t be so effective in removing a huge surface of dried-out paint.

  1. Using Mineral Spirits

If you happen to have a bottle of mineral spirits, you can always use them to clean up the dried-out paint. Soak a piece of fabric on the mineral spirits, and then just use the fabric to cover up the vinyl surface. The paint will get softer, and then you can just wipe them out of the surface immediately.

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How to Remove Old Paint from Siding

Old paint is not only dried out but sometimes they do stick on the vinyl surface permanently. Removing them is going to be hard work indeed.

For those who want to get rid of the old paint, try several tips on removing paint from the vinyl siding below. It should help you prepare the surface before most likely repainting them.

  1. Using PEC-12

PEC-12 is a product that can most definitely clean up the paint. However, this product is highly toxic. Use latex gloves before you get anywhere near the PEC-12. Use the help of clothes or fabric to scoop the PEC-12 and scrub them on the paint. It will dilute the paint and make them easier to clean.

  1. Using Graffiti Remover

The next thing you can do to remove the paint from the siding is by using graffiti remover. This is like a chemical substance formulated specifically to remove any paint from the wall. It works really well with vinyl as well.

Those are several things you can do to remove the paint. Just remember, basically, vinyl siding is a very delicate surface. It has to be treated well before getting painted or repainted for the sake of a better result. Try those methods on how to remove paint from vinyl siding, and the result will not disappoint you.

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