How to Install a Bathroom Vent through a Wall Easily

A bathroom exhaust fan is like a chimney for a fireplace: very hard to separate, and one will complement the other. A bathroom exhaust fan is beneficial for air circulation purposes, like expelling out the bad smell and making the indoor humidity drops to avoid mildew and blistering wall paint due to the extra humidity the bathroom cannot escape from.

Although it is uncommon to mount an exhaust fan on the wall, it is still possible.

How to Install a Bathroom Vent through a Wall: Easy Know-how

Let’s admit it: a smelly bathroom is a place most people want to dodge away from. But still, if your urgency can’t wait, smelly bathroom runaway should wait later.

how to install a bathroom vent through a wall

Thanks to the bathroom vent, such things won’t happen again. Moisture-related problems away, more fresh air to come!

Can a bathroom exhaust fan be mounted on the wall? The short answer is yes. Below is what you need to work on:

  • Drill and its spade bit, preferably the extended one
  • Jigsaw
  • Ladder (stepladder and/or extension ladder)
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver

And below is the trick to install a bathroom vent through a wall. :

  1. Make a hole on the wall to mark where to place the fan using a long drill. Check it from both indoor and outdoor sides and clean the hole surrounding it from anything that may disturb you while placing the fan.
  2. Then, mark the wall based on the dimension of the exhaust fan itself. You can mark the wall with a pencil or any type of marker.
  3. After you have done marking, proceed to cut the hole according to the mark. After that, you may also try to place the fan to make sure it is fit. Work on it until the fan can enter the hole you made.
  4. Position the fan – you can start working from the outlet port first. Then come back to the intake port and don’t place the blower motor yet. If it is already attached, unscrew it and remove it first. You need to work on its wiring connection first.
  5. Detach/unscrew its built-in receptacle to get through its wiring. Join the wires with the same color: black to black and white to white.
  6. Make the exposed copper wire to wrap the grounding screw inside the receptacle housing. Then, tighten it.
  7. Place the receptacle’s parts back and replace the securing screws you detached earlier.
  8. Place the blower motor properly. Then, make sure to plug it in to get the electrical power.
  9. Place back any parts needed to make the motor attached well.
  10. After that, you can place the fan grille to cover the intake port.
  11. As the last procedure on installing a bathroom vent through a wall, test the machine to make sure it works well.

That is how to install a bathroom vent through a wall – easily like a true professional. It can be considered as something with a moderate level of easiness but can be challenging if you are not accustomed to this kind of job. Once you get it right, say goodbye to the smelly and too-humid bathroom.

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