Why Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining and How to Fix It

As we know, Samsung is one of the prominent brands that provide electronic devices, industrial equipment, and household appliances. This Korean brand produces dishwashers that are known for their straightforward maintenance and steel finish.

However, there is one common problem that every user must have experienced: the Samsung dishwasher not draining.

There is no need to get professional assistance to overcome this problem. Such an issue is relatively easy to fix.

Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining

Why is My Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining?

Many consumers complain about why the Samsung dishwasher is not draining at the end of the cycle. Read the article below to find out the most common reasons why this problem happens.

  1. Clogged Drain Hose

One of the common causes of the Samsung dishwasher isn’t working properly is when the drain hose is clogged with food waste. So, make sure that there’s no food waste blocking the pump connected to the debris disposal.

  1. The Damaged Valve

A damaged valve is another reason why the Samsung dishwasher is not draining. The valve is a component that prevents water from coming back to the machine once the water is pumped out. If this component is damaged, the dishwasher won’t be able to drain the water as usual.

  1. The Damaged Engine

Although it is unusual for the Samsung dishwasher engine to break off, it will stop working if it has not been used for so long. It also becomes an underlying reason why the Samsung dishwasher not draining.

Troubleshoot Samsung Dishwasher Not Draining

On some Samsung dishwasher types, the machine will display 5C, SE, or 5E, SC error codes once the dishwasher machine cannot properly drain the water. Also, if the panel shows a flashing light, it implies a long drain problem.

  1. Clean Up the Drain Hose

As already mentioned above, a clogged drain hose is a common problem of why the dishwasher isn’t draining. To clean it up, turn off the machine, and using a flashlight, dig out any food waste with chopsticks or utensils made from plastic.

  1. Clean Up the Valve

The water will not be able to drain properly if the valve is stuck or damaged. To make it works again, it must be cleaned up from any debris that blocks it. But if the machine is still unable to drain the water effectively, this component must be replaced with a new one.

  1. Fix or Replace the Engine

The dishwasher engine is another reason why the Samsung dishwasher does not drain. To get this fix, plug off the dishwasher from the electricity and switch the machine manually.

If the engine still doesn’t turn or is corroded, it must be repaired because it’s too complicated to fix it.

Samsung is known for its advanced household appliances. It includes dishwashers. However, some customers face the same issue: the Samsung dishwasher is not draining. As already elaborated above, it is not an unusual problem, and there is no need to call professionals to fix this issue.  

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