How to Attach Wood to Concrete without Drilling: 2 Tricks to Nail It

Sometimes, building things will require you to combine two different things, such as attaching wood to a concrete structure. Even knowing how to do this can be as essential as making a foundation for a building, especially when you plan to make an arbor, a dog house, or probably a big building like a gazebo.

Whatever your purpose is, knowing how to attach wood to concrete without drilling is an essential knowledge you builder should master.

How to Attach Wood to Concrete without Drilling

To attach wood onto concrete, usually, people will drill the concrete using a particular, matching drill bit. However, usually, people don’t want to get into a complicated shopping trip – hence they decide to find other tricks, such as nailing the wood or as simple as attaching wood to concrete using adhesive.

how to attach wood to concrete without drilling

Attaching wood to concrete with nails

Affixing the wood onto the concrete with nails doesn’t mean you can use common nails to do it. There should be these special nails you must use so that the nails can get through the durable concrete.

A sledgehammer is also advised to use instead of a common household hammer. When it comes to hitting your nails, there’s a trick to hit it best: never incline or give any angles. Place your nails perpendicular to the concrete and hit them with your sledgehammer to settle.

You might wonder why to attach wood without drilling should use sledgehammers. When you use a regular hammer, the nails, which are mostly made from steel, may cause a spark if the hammer comes to contact.

You can also stick the wood with a nail gun – but make sure first that the concrete is sturdy enough to go with the gun’s high power. If the concrete isn’t as sturdy as needed, nail guns may cause cracks even before you attach the wood.

Affixing wood to concrete by adhesive

The next trick to attach wood to the concrete without drilling is by using glue. This trick is way easier, and it doesn’t cause any harm to the concrete as there is no invasive maneuver done other than smearing the glue over.

To attach your wood to the concrete with adhesive, you can do this:

  • After placing the adhesive in the caulking gun, make sure you clean the area from any debris.
  • Ensure that the wood is exactly the shape and size you want since, after gluing, you will not move it easily.
  • Apply a decent amount of the adhesive onto the wood, then press it to the concrete. Make sure to give consistent pressure. It will ensure the glue is smeared nicely as well.
  • As the last step of attaching wood to concrete without drilling, you’ll need to wait for the adhesive to dry.

So, what do you think? These tricks to attach wood to concrete without drilling are easy, even for a beginner builder. Know the know-how first, comprehend it well, and along with the right tools to handle it – be confident and nail it!

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