Hot Water Pressure Low but Cold Fine? Here Are Why and How You Can Fix It

You want to get a calming hot shower on one cold morning, but it does not work. You check the cold water, and it works fine. Have you experienced that?

Is Hot Water Pressure Low but Cold Fine? You May Experience These Issues!

Diagnosing the problem can be a tough one because there is more than one. This article will show you six reasons why your hot water pressure is low and learn how to fix low hot water pressure.

Water Leaks

Water leaks can be an emergent cause of low water pressure because it relates to wasted water. On the other hand, issue detection is easy. Search for evidence of a leak by checking whether the numbers on your water meter are still spinning although you have turned every tap off.

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hot water pressure low but cold fine

If you see the issues, contact the emergency plumbers immediately to avoid worse water damage or electrical wiring contact.

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Wrong Pipes

When your water supply pipes are smaller than the water supply, chances are the water pressure will decrease. To tackle the issue, increase the size of the pipes to increase the water pressure.

Generally, the first pipeline from the street has a diameter of ¾ or 1 inch. Then, the diameter of the supply branches is ¾ inch. Lastly, the pipe size for an individual component is ½ inch.

Accumulation of Debris and Sediment

Even a small clog of debris and sediment can lower your water pressure significantly. Clean the sediment on the clogged pipes and tank interior.

You can call a plumber but do not ever think about using chemicals. They may eat away the clogs, but it can be dangerous for your drinking water.

Shutoff Valve

A partially closed shutoff valve can negatively affect the water flow, which then causes a reduction in the water pressure.

Shutoff valves, especially the one dedicated to the hot water supply, can indeed be a potential cause of low hot water pressure. If the hot water shutoff valve is not fully open or partially closed, or if it’s malfunctioning, it can restrict the flow of hot water and result in reduced pressure.

Problems with shutoff valves are not uncommon, and they can significantly impact water pressure. Regular maintenance and prompt addressing of issues can help ensure the proper functioning of these valves and maintain consistent water pressure in both hot and cold water lines.

To fix this issue, you can open the valve completely to get consistent water flow.

Wrong Water Pressure Regulator

The home can have a pressure regulator. Thus, if you find your water pressure low, bring a plumber and set the regulator correctly to the optimum.

You may also need to check the installation of your hot water system. It can be too old to handle your current needs. If the water pressure regulator is old, damaged, or cannot be adjusted, it may need to be replaced. This is a task that a professional plumber might best handle.

If you’re uncertain about dealing with the water pressure regulator or if the problem persists after attempted adjustments, it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified plumber. They can accurately diagnose the issue and provide a solution to restore proper water pressure in both hot and cold water lines.

Neighbourhood Problems

If you still experience the same issue, check whether your neighbours have the same problem. Shared pipelines can also be the reason why your water pressure is low. Imagine your neighbour washes their car and takes a shower. Thus, you need to “share” the water supply.

If it happens, call the local water supplier and purchase a pump to boost the water pressure. It helps improve the pressure between the mainline and your faucets.

After reading this article, you know why you have water issues and increase hot water pressure. So, what is your problem? Do not let it annoy you for a long time, and get it fixed immediately. Good luck.

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