How to Get Wax off the Floor in Two Simple Methods

Lighting up candles in night gives a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere until you notice those candles drip hot wax on your floors. There is no need to panic if you don’t know how to get wax off the floor.

First things first, do not wipe the hot wax immediately. Once the wax is dried, take several minutes to clean it up properly to prevent damaging the floor surface. Follow the approaches below to remove the wax on the floors.

How to Get Wax off the Floor

How to Get Wax Off the Floor in Two Methods

Once you light up candles, it will melt. It’s not an uncommon thing that the candle wax will drip on the floor. You don’t have to panic if you have no idea how to remove candle wax from the floor. You can either heat or chill the wax to get it removed.

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How to Get Wax Off the Floor with Heat Method

You have to prepare an iron, towel or paper bag, scraper, plastic spatula, or anything similar for the heating wax removal approach.

Step 1: As already mentioned above, do not immediately clean the candle wax. You have to let the wax dry first. Once it’s dried, scrape it gently using the plastic spatula.

Step 2: Lay the paper bag or towel on top of the candle wax.

Step 3: Apply heat to the area by using the iron with a low or medium setting. You have to gently pass over the area just like you iron the paper bag you place over the wax. It’s crucial to keep moving the iron because letting it sit in one spot might damage your floor. You can substitute the iron with hair dry.

Step 4: After most of the wax has been successfully eliminated, remove the towel. If there is any remaining residue, repeat step 3.

How to Get Wax Off the Floor with Chilling Method

If you use this chilling approach, you have to prepare a plastic bag full of ice, a plastic spatula or anything similar (make sure the tool is made of plastic because metal will damage the floors), and furniture wax.

Step 1: Place the ice bag over the wax and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 2: Once the wax is solid, gently pry the candle wax off your floors using a plastic spatula or scraper. You should always be gentle on this step. Keep sleekly scraping the wax until it’s completely gone.

Step 3: To remove any remaining stain, use the furniture wax. Consider using the towel and heat method if there are stains from scented oils in the wax.

Although lit-up candles will give you a fragrance and pleasant ambience to make you feel relaxed, they can sometimes be a mess if you are panicking when you notice the dripping wax.

It could be worse if you don’t know how to get wax off the floor. But by following the simple wax removal approaches above, you can get rid of the candle wax in just a few minutes.

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