How to Stop Brass Fittings from Leaking

A leaking pipe fitting may cause a consequence of high bills and crucial natural resource dissipation. Well, it can just happen before you have a chance to prevent this occurrence sometimes.

Pipe fitting is created from brass, with the most common types being elbows, union tees, crosses, and several others.

Check out the two most effective ways how to stop brass fittings from leaking using helpful guides in the following.

How to Stop Brass Fittings from Leaking

A leaking brass pipe fitting can be caused by poor sealing on the thread. To resolve this, you should first check if the copper fitting is sealed properly to ensure leaking brass.

Here are the most used and effective ways to deal with the leaks: you can use pipe thread or Teflon tape.

How to Stop Brass Fittings from Leaking

These two materials can help to seal any leakage that comes through the threads with the instructions of how to stop leaks on threaded copper fittings in the following.

How to use Teflon tape

Teflon tape is a white-coloured, non-sticky tape that serves as a lubricant when the threaded section of a piping system is built. It has a natural slipperiness quality that makes the assembling process went easier.

However, to speak strictly, this tape is actually not a thread sealant. It cannot make the surfaces stick like true sealant, but it affects clogging and sealing brass pipe fittings.

Read below to learn how to use this type of type and to prevent it tears and unravels.

  1. Wrap the Teflon tape by circling it around the male pipe in a clockwise direction 3 to 5 times tightly.
  2. Push it through the threads gently, and press the thumb around to eliminate any air bubbles.
  3. Screw the brass fittings back tightly altogether.

Using pipe tread compound

Also known as pipe dope, it is a material that has been used for decades for industrial applications. It has a solvent carrier that hardens once the solvent evaporates and leaves seal adheres that effectively block leakage of any plastic and metal pipes.

Pipe dope is likely to shrink over time due to the solvent being dissipated. It creates a potential chance for the dope to withdraw from a crack or thread walls and then develop leaks.

You can use a spatula or brush to apply this threaded component in how to stop brass fittings from leaking; the tutorial below:

  1. Unscrew threaded fittings that joined as one.
  2. Clean any grit or old sealant from two threads, then dry them using a paper towel.
  3. Apply the thread compound on fitting threads.
  4. Screw the two fittings back tightly. Wipe excess compounds around them by using a paper towel.
  5. Let it dry entirely before you run water through it.

The compression nut has to be tightened gently. However, if you find it or the fitting threads damaged and the steps to stop brass fittings from leaking above won’t work, you may have to replace the fittings.

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