How Much Does Tuckpointing Cost and What You Can Benefit from It

Tuckpointing is a thing that came a long way from sixteenth-century England as a compensation result of irregularly shaped bricks. Tuckpointing is part of masonry and often be misplaced with repointing.

Both are masonry jobs, but the definitions and results are slightly different. Your house may have a chimney that bricks can traditionally form. To improve the chimney’s look (or any parts of your house), you can consider doing a tuckpointing.

Some people use it to give the wall a crisper, nicer visual illusion. By doing tuckpointing, the entire wall can look new and bring a plus value to the house. Then, this question may arise: how much does tuckpointing cost?


What is Tuckpointing?

Many of you do not have any idea when it comes to things you are not professionally handled. Tuckpointing removes deteriorated mortar from the joints, putting a replacement whose color resembles the colors of the bricks and then implanting the ‘fillets’ down the centers of the new joints.

Still, confused? Well, in short, to tuckpoint means to apply new mortar to the lacking spaces on a brick wall, then adding the matching color for decorative purposes. This process will give the brick a fresher look, and at the same time, it strengthens the mortar itself.

How Much Does Tuckpointing Cost?

The price to do tuckpointing may differ from place to place. But, if it had to be generalized, how much does tuckpointing cost is $3 to $7 per square foot. The reason why you need to tuckpoint your brick walls is represented below:

How Much Does Tuckpointing Cost

  1. It prevents water from entering the walls.
  2. As it prevents water leakage and refills the empty, broken mortar, it also helps to provide better strength to the bricks.
  3. Tuckpointing can help to prevent mold growth or any unwanted things.

It is recommended to be done often if you live in wet areas with high-intensity of rain. But, if you live in a dry area, you don’t have to do tuckpointing many times. Only apply it if you see the walls need some ‘repair’. It can be said, tuckpointing in drier areas will be needed once for twenty to thirty years.

How Much Does Chimney Repointing Cost?

As mentioned earlier, tuckpointing and repointing have a slight difference as well as the end results. Then, what is repointing? Repointing is a masonry process in which you are working on a renewal for the point. Pointing itself is defined as the outer part of mortar joints.

To repoint your chimney, well – it depends. However, to say that on average, repointing a chimney charges you around $700-$2,200. Some sources report that repointing a chimney with a 150-square-foot width costs around $800-$1200. It depends on the size.

Well, it seems like doing both tuckpointing and repointing is easy. While some homeowners consider these jobs as a DIY projects, leaving the job to its professional will benefit you better despite the price.

These processes need excellent precision to work with. Hence, if you are unskilled enough for this, considering how much does tuckpointing cost is pretty redundant.

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