Samsung Dishwasher Blinking Light Codes, Is it a Problem?

No one wants their appliance to display an error code. But it does happen, and indeed, Samsung dishwasher blinking light codes is not impossible.

But what does the code mean for the dishwasher? How many codes are there? How can you fix them?

Like many other contemporary appliances, Samsung dishwashers frequently have fault codes shown by blinking lights to aid customers in locating and resolving problems. If the lights on your Samsung dishwasher are blinking, a problem probably has to be fixed.

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This article will guide you further in the matter.

Error Codes in Samsung Dishwasher

There are many error codes in Samsung dishwashers, each with different meanings. Here is the list of the codes that can be used for your dishwasher. If there are no code shows, you can also run Samsung dishwasher diagnostic mode to get what problem your dishwasher may have.

samsung dishwasher blinking light codes

  1. Clogged Filter (1E)

This means that water is not making it through the filter of your dishwater. Fix this by cleaning the fine filter at the bottom of the dishwater.

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  1. The Pump Has Failed in Operation (3C)

If your pump fails, try to restart your dishwater by turning it off and on again.

  1. High-Temperature Water Supply (3E)

Check again. The limit for the temperature is 176 degrees Fahrenheit. If your water is too hot, cool it down.

  1. Water Supply (4C, 4E)

Samsung dishwasher error codes 4C and 4E mean the water’s pressure or temperature is incorrect.

Fix this by verifying whether the pressure and the temperature are set right. Also, ensure that your unit’s water supply is turned on.

  1. The Dishwater Can’t Drain (5C, 5E)

If your dishwater shows code 5C or 5E, try to run the water in the sink that the dishwasher is connected to, also, inspect the drain hose and the dishwasher’s drain connection at the sink. Then, clean your drain, filter, and sump.

  1. Error Reflector (7E)

If you unbox your dishwasher, check whether the packing tape has been removed from the reflector. Make sure the reflector is installed in the correct position, and nothing blocks it.

  1. Low Water (9E)

When there is not enough water in the dishwasher, code 9E will show up. With this error, you should empty the dishwasher before running a normal cycle.

The Samsung dishwasher may have More error codes, including AP, BE, CE, HC, IE, HE, LC, LE, OC, oE, PC, and PE. Most of those codes will require you to restart your dishwasher to return to normal.

Error in Non-Display Samsung Dishwasher

Error code only appears in a dishwasher with a digital display. If your dishwasher has no digital display, it will use blinking lights. If this happens, it is better to seek help from customer service or a technician.

Samsung Dishwasher Beeps 3 Times and Flashes, Why?

It could be because of a failed water wall. When this happens, the problem may not disappear even after resetting your dishwasher. The three beeps and flashing lights on a Samsung dishwasher typically indicate a problem that needs attention.

The specific meaning of these signals can vary based on the model, so it’s essential to refer to your dishwasher’s user manual for accurate information.

If you can’t fix it or are unsure what to do, call your service technician for the best solution.

Remember that depending on the type of your Samsung dishwasher, the particular error codes and troubleshooting procedures may change. The user handbook should always be consulted for correct information.

If you’ve lost the manual, you may frequently get it from the Samsung website or by getting in touch with Samsung customer service.

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