How to Perform Samsung Dishwasher LC Code Reset with Step-by-Step Guide

Error code displayed on any modern home appliances, including dishwasher, indicates a certain issue. Use the guide below to identify what problem your Samsung dishwasher is undergoing and what steps are needed to be taken.

The guide below will tell you how to do a Samsung dishwasher LC code reset by troubleshooting the problem first and letting you know how to get the equipment back to function properly.

Samsung Dishwasher LC Code Reset

LE code in the Samsung dishwasher indicates a leakage problem. The appliance can censor any leakage by detecting moisture or blocking conditions on the water reflector. It will turn on itself and won’t turn off if the problem occurred to drain away any water.

Samsung Dishwasher LC Code Reset

Majority of leaking problem in the dishwasher is due of issues during installation, such as water supply hose, drain hose, leveling, or stretching issue on the tub sides when they are screwed to the cabinets. You have to examine any probability of those leaking sources.

In case you have checked them and didn’t find no a leak occur, run these steps of Samsung dishwasher troubleshooting:

  1. Some water might get around the dishwasher sensor if you moved the appliance recently. Let it dry for a while, and if it produced any bothering noise, try to turn it off or unplug it.
  2. Check if you have removed the cap of garbage disposal if the appliance is connected to garbage disposal recently.
  3. Inspect if there is any detergent dispenser that’s spilled on the outside of the dispenser or if it has been overfilled.

After you run the troubleshooting steps, it is better to do a Samsung dishwasher LC code reset. The reset button is available on the appliance, and you need to press it for about ten seconds until the displayed code disappears.

How to Reset LC Code on Samsung Dishwasher

It’s possible to perform any steps above and have the problem persists. In this case, try to run hard Samsung dishwasher LC code reset by following the steps below:

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  1. Turn off the dishwasher and unplug it.
  2. Wait for 15-20 minutes to allow the sensor to dry out.
  3. Restart the appliance back.
  4. Check if the code problem still appears.

If the hard-reset steps of the Samsung dishwasher above didn’t help, here are some further options:

  1. Contact the Samsung customer support service
  2. Ask the retailer for an exchange or return if the unit was just purchased recently.
  3. Reach the Samsung team to set up service if the unit is still within a one-year warranty by messaging the moderators privately, along with attaching the model name and its series number
  4. Call Samsung via phone by contacting at 1-800-Samsung to set up service or visit their official website if your dishwasher is out of warranty.

Remember that whether you’re contacting Samsung via message or phone call, you have to explain the detailed condition of your dishwasher’s error. Hopefully, several different tutorials to do the Samsung dishwasher LC code reset above will help you resolve the issue.

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