Samsung Front Load Washer Leaking from Bottom? Here is Why and How to Fix It

There are many possible answers to that one question. Even though Samsung is a great brand for household appliances, you may find water leaking after using it for some time.

Tackle the water leaking issue correctly using this guide below. You will find why your washer creates a leak and how you can fix it quickly.

Why is Water Leaking from the Bottom of My Washing Machine?

Let’s get started.

samsung front load washer leaking from bottom

Water Leaking from Door

The reason why the water leaking from the door can be due to the gasket or door seal. Like excessive detergent, socks, and coins, there may be something that gets stuck on the gasket. It will reduce the silicone rubber that makes a tight seal when your Samsung washer door is closed.

Thus, examine the gasket whether there is an object that gets stuck onto it. After that, wipe the gasket using a cloth to remove any possible residue. If you find the door gasket is broken, then you have to consider the replacement.

Water Leaking Underneath

Water leaking from the bottom might be caused by a broken drain pump inside your washer. The pump turns on during the spin cycle and drains the water. One way to fix this is by replacing the old drain pump with a new one.

You can hire a technician, but if you do it yourself, unplug the washer before carrying out any work and disconnect any water pipes because you have to put the washer down onto its side.

Undone the cover with the two screws and undo the electrical connectors, along with the three screws holding the pump in place. Prize off the drain pump and put the new one into the same position.

Ensure the drain pump is firm and reapply the screws as well as the electrical connectors.

Water Leaking from the Bottom Drain Filter

When you think the leaking underneath comes from the drain pump, there is another possible reason: the filter is clogged or not correctly installed.

This tool filters out the debris and strange items inside the washer. It is located behind a small panel at the bottom of your Samsung washer.

To tackle this problem, you need to take the panel covering the filter out. Then, clean the filter and make sure you cannot find any clog. Screw the filter back until it creates a tight seal. It aims to prevent more water from leaking.

Water Leaking from the Back Vent

If you find water leaking underneath, you may not realize the water flows from the leaking at the back vent. Excessive detergent can be the culprit of this problem.

Therefore, use hot water or self-cleaning cycles on Samsung. Set the highest temperature settings to let the detergent residue loose up.

In conclusion, Samsung’s appliances are one of the best. Each problem will come up with a different solution, including the Samsung washer leaking from the bottom filter, back vent, and drain pump. Undergo a careful inspection before setting up new changes to your washer.

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