Kohler Fuel Pump Problems and Best Methods to Fix It Properly

Kohler is known as the manufacturer that produces engines for lawnmowers and tractors. The engine is relativity similar, except some models are bigger with additional features.

However, some customers experience Kohler Fuel Pump Problems. This situation needs an immediate solution. When the fuel does not go into the carburetor, the machine is not working.

Kohler Fuel Pump Problems

Kohler Fuel Pump Problems

Before fixing the issue, you need to know why this thing happen. It is necessary to find the source of the problem and formulate a solution. If it is not in your proficiency, you may ask the experts.

Fuel system

The fuel system is the main component of the Kohler engine. It might not be as sophisticated as the latest engine from a prominent company. On the contrary, Kohler focuses on delivering a practical system where everyone can fix the issue easily.

Check the fuel system, and see if something prevents fuel from flowing into the carb.

Fuel pump

When the engine cannot be started, you need to try it again. The gas is available, but the pump may not work. You should get rid of this pump and spray it manually. In the other case, the engine may start again, and there is no issue after you put back the pump and turn off the engine.

Then you try again, but the engine is not starting. The issue is definitely in the fuel pump.

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Gas filter

The pump has a gas filter. It can have an issue, and your pump does not work anymore. The filter keeps the pump clean and makes sure gas can pass easily. You should check this part. One of Kohler’s Fuel Pump Problems is from this filter.

Gas quality

The pump and the entire system will work without hassle when the gas quality is reliable. Some people think adding gas with better or lower octane does not make any difference.

You may not see the problem after one week. Wait more than a month, and see your fuel pump. It can be the source of Kohler Fuel Pump Problems.

Some problems are not definite. The lawnmower might be fine yesterday. You even did the extensive cutting entire field.  Unfortunately, you cannot do it again today due to an engine problem. Another issue is from Kohler fuel solenoid problems.

Kohler Command Fuel Pump Problems

The next section will explain how to fix Kohler Fuel Pump Problems. Make sure you know what you are doing before implementing the methods in the following section.

Cleaning fuel tank and pump

The first thing to do is to ensure there is no fuel inside the tank. You need to clean and get rid of any dirt. After that, this action is applied to the fuel pump. The entire fuel system must be cleaned.

The pump might not work because there is something that blocks the fuel. Wait for two or three hours before filling the tank, then start it again.

Replacing the entire fuel pump system

The quickest way to solve Kohler engine fuel pump problems is to buy a new fuel pump set. It is for the owner who has tried everything but still gets no result. Before buying, you need to check the code and get the exact product. Avoid the aftersales market, and go to the main store.

The fuel pump issue is not a big deal unless you need the mower the most that day. You may open the engine and check everything. After that, you can fix Kohler Fuel Pump Problems with one of the solutions above.

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